Gay Asian Twinks In Kinky Bareback Medical Fetish and Pissing Action

Vahn Valdez, Josh and Mike Reynolds

Added: 2015-11-22

Josh is making progress on his potency problem. Doctor Reynolds and his apprentice Dr. Valdez decide it’s time to step up the medical therapy. They feel plenty of attention should be given to Josh’s cock and various forms of anal exam with penetration. After a bareback fuck from Doctor Reynolds and a milk enema from Dr. Valdez, Josh is not responding well to the milk enema. He is not squirting the milk due to a tight ass hole. Doctor Valdez must get that milk from using his bareback fucking technique. It works! Josh spills the milk all over the floor after a hearty ass ramming from young Doctor Valdez. Finally, both Doctors unload their cum all over Josh’s hot brown Asian twink torso.