Gay Asian Twinks In Kinky Bareback Medical Fetish and Pissing Action

Banging Gilbert’s Bubble

Added: 2015-03-07

Doctor Argie has just finished his milk enema on gay Asian party boy Gilbert, but his reluctant ass is having trouble expelling the milk. But Doctor Argie thoroughly enjoys watching his ass puckering in and out. Doctor Argie is getting a raging hard on and has decided in a fit of extreme sexual arousal that he must fuck that puckering ass bareback in order to stimulate him to expel the milk he has recently injected into his gorgeous anal cavity. Gilbert wants it, especially after all the erotic titillating stimulation the doctor performed on his anal hole. Kinky Doctor Argie sheds his slacks and enters that yummy ass hole and Gilbert finally spills the milk all over the floor. This turns Argie on and the Doctor and Asian twink patient continue bareback fucking on the exam table until Doctor Argie squirts his load of cum all over cute Gilbert’s smooth back.