Gay Asian Twinks In Kinky Bareback Medical Fetish and Pissing Action

Argie and Nathan

Added: 2016-01-03

Asian twink Nathan is not feeling at all well, so he’s at Doctor Twink’s clinic for a sex up….I mean check up. Naturally our perverted Doctor Argie turns things into a kinky anal exam, which is more like anal probing, starting with the thermometer. Doctor Argie then must go for something bigger, like a dildo. And just for the sake of gay sex, he fucks his patient’s face to check his gag reflex. As if Doctor Argie hasn’t had enough of poking things into his patient’s holes, the face fucking wasn’t enough for him, nor was the enema, Doctor Argie delivers more invasive hole probing, this time with his hard bareback cock. But I don’t think the cute Asian twink patient is minding too much, rather enjoying being the kinky Doctor’s play toy.